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If you were to list DJ Keri's accolades and achievements, you would have a very full page of accomplishments. This humble, yet ambitious woman has seen many, many hours behind the turntables and console board creating memorable music for the masses.

Her music has been featured in independent movies, video games, commercials, satellite radio, mainstream radio & network tv (both nationally & internationally). A EDM veteran, she continues to set a standard that is difficult to match. Her apparent creativity that she's been blessed with has helped her create radio friendly EDM and it has kept her in the public eye  consistently for over 2 decades.

She's known for the monster club hit's, "No Tears", "Drums In The Club", "Beautiful Girl", & "In My Eyes". These anthems have been well loved & received worldwide, charting on Billboard and other relevant EDM charts.

She's infamously renowned for posing in Playboy and was deemed one of the hottest female dj's on the planet  by Playboy Magazine in 2003. DJ Keri has also graced many magazine covers worldwide & has been featured in such periodicals as Maxim & FHM. While her looks have gained he notoriety  it is undeniable that her talent is what has held the worlds' attention.


As Dj Keri's music comes full circle, this year brings a new album that is

focused on the softer, slower side of EDM. "Le descendu" is a collection

of chillstep, downtempo, bossa nova, chillout songs. Since her early

beginnings as an artist, DJ Keri has wanted to put this album together. Dedicating the work to her life long fans as a huge "Thank You!!!"

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